“The Garden,” a 17 foot long ceramic tile mural, was completed in 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the University Parents Nursery School in Los Angeles.  The project was a collaboration between myself and the students, parents, faculty and staff at the school.  The mural depicts a garden scene that moves from night to day, and it’s imagery points to the cycles of nature.  Each class at the school contributed to a different aspect of the project.  The youngest children rolled out the worms for the "underground" section of the mural, while other children created flowers, leaves and insects.   Installation was completed by tile mason Andy Jimenez

In 2014, the Brooklyn based artist Courtney Puckett and I began a bicoastal collaboration. Elements of the work were mailed back and forth between Los Angeles and New York. The ceramic elements are my contribution and the fiber elements are hers.

The jewelry designer Mociun and I began collaborating on wearable pieces in 2011.